We know how to build big so that you can dream big. Let us bring our experience to your project.

Our Process

  1. You’ve got a big idea. You might change the world. You might become fabulously wealthy in the process. You probably hope for a bit of both.
  2. You come to us and we will confidentially and candidly discuss your ideas. We help you flesh out real technical requirements. We help you find the hidden gems, and we help you dodge the traps. This isn’t our first rodeo, and you’ll have the opportunity to benefit immeasurably from our experience.
  3. Together we outline a budget and timeline for your project. We know our budget will be competitive, but if you feel it isn’t, you’ll have great technical requirements that you can take anywhere you like.
  4. We work with you to build wireframes and acquire a design that you love. Design is extremely personal, and we believe that you shouldn’t be locked into one particular designer (and their personal style). We can work with some of our favorite designers, or we can work with yours, or we can help you find a beautiful template to use. There is no wrong choice, just a design that is perfect for your project.
  5. We build your castle in the cloud. Your perfect design and technical requirements come together with our best of class development experience to make your system come to life in ways that are better than you could have imagined.

What we Do

Built for Everyone, Everywhere

Even if you do nothing for them, half of your audience will come from outside of North America. If you do support them, there’s a whole big world out there. We can help you build solutions that will work for everyone, regardless of what language they speak, what time zone they live in, or what they think is the “one true way” to show a date or time.

Code You Will be Proud Of

Nobody wants their Ferrari to have a three-cylinder engine under the hood. Neither do you. Your project deserves to look as mind-blowingly awesome behind the curtain as it does on the surface. The difference will shine through in subtle ways everywhere.

Paranoid Security

You’ve seen the headlines. Security is a pressing and critical problem for modern software systems, especially on the web. What you haven’t heard yet is the terrifying reason why: most web developers have no better understanding of software security and hacking than you do. Secure systems begin with secure code, which is why you need guys who know how the hackers get in, so you can keep them out.

Built to Perform

Fractions of a second matter to your users. They want this shiny new toy to be snappy and responsive. We understand system performance. We know how to cheat to make things faster than fast; we know how to keep that performance strong as your system scales for more users; and, we know how to improve the perception of performance, even after actual performance reaches real world limits.

Building for the Cloud

The cloud is the latest buzz word in all shiny new things, but what does that really mean? Building for the cloud means that the system is built to scale. It means that when you are getting 1 million hits per day, your system was built by guys that have been there. It means that you get to sleep soundly at night because your system is redundant, and even if a node goes down, your system is still online, working flawlessly. It means that the only difference between 1 million hits and 10 million hits is some extra nodes, and it means that bringing those nodes online was trivial.

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